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Welcome to Wyolife.com

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my website.

I have been creating Wyolife.com since 2002. Wyolife.com is inspired by things that I consider to be interesting, beautiful, fun, touching, stupid, humorous and infuriating.

As a Wyoming native and a life long resident of this state, I have developed a unique western, conservative, perspective. I consider myself to be a multi-faceted individual. I strongly believe that all the things that have made America great in the past are now under constant assault The American way of life is ceaselessly being threatened by liberalism, stupidity, apathy, dishonesty, crime, greed, laziness and the onslaught of rampant amoralism.

My hope is that Americans will wake up and demand that our elected leaders and American society as a whole get back to the business of making America a great place to live, raise kids and earn a living. The only way to revive and restore the American Dream is to remember all of our outstanding forbearers, the sacrifices they made and the beliefs and work ethic they had that made this country great.


Your Editor John Motsch

John Motsch

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