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The Demo-Morphs 2

The Older Ones - Click on the pictures to reveal the true Liberal inside.

John Bolton Wrangles the U.N.

Katrina the Killer Croc.

Greetings from Abu-Gharib Prison!


Gomer Kerry...

Herman Kerry...

Carville is Sméagol...

Kerry's Prom

Begala's Magic Head

Begala's Head Part Deux

The Hillary Trap - Scary!

Ted was a real Devil!
Welcome to H.E.- Double Hockey Sticks!

Hillica Clintonsky
Monica Lewinsky

What's a Ernafalo?
Janeane Garofalo

The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Dolphin Safe Soros.
sucker of the year Dan Rather
Dan Rather - Questionable Journalistic Standards?
sucker of the year Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein Caught
CBS making up the news?

Obama, your president for another four years.
Don't blame me, you voted for him.