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Don't want to hear about Gitmo no mo'...

O.K. so senator Dick Durbin shed some crocodile tears and un-convincingly apologized for his deranged outburst comparing the United States Military's treatment of the Guantanamo detainees to the atrocities wrought by the Soviet Gulags, The Nazi Death Camps and the Cambodian Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge. Those regimes brutally and systematically exterminated millions of their own innocent men, women and children simply because it was politically expedient.

Dick Turban Dick Durbin condems America as torturer.

The American people and our allies in the War on Terror need to remember that the enemy combatants being held at Camp Delta in Guantanamo are just that, enemy combatants.  They are not U.S. citizens. The combatants were captured in the field of battle and are being detained because they are a threat to the security of our country. These people being held are not nice people, they are terrorists committed to the destruction of America and Western Civilization.

The official U.S. policy is to treat the detainees in a professional and humane manner and I believe that we've bent over backward to accommodate these detainees.

Killing Fields skull rack


See for yourself at our Gulag/Deathcamp/Killing Fields Page.

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