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Letters from Libs

  Letter: They raised the enlistment age for the armed forces, how come your not over there fighting for your president. If you really believed in what he is doing you wouldn't be hiding behind your computer, you would have a M16 and getting your ass shot for him. And lets all remember all the brave Neo Cons in this administration who fought in the Vietnam War, well none of of them, bravery is not one of there strong suits. I really think you should do some more research instead of just getting your news from FOX who gets it from the White House. Jack Bellomo jbellomo3@gmail.com

 Response:  Hi Jack, Thanks for writing. I really do believe in what I post on my website. I have researched in depth many of the topics on my website. I use multiple sources to base my opinion including CNN, FOX, NPR, the internet and many other sources. Believe me, I would enlist today if I were not too old. I will be turning 44 this December. My wife and many of our friends and family are veterans. My wife served in the Marine Corps as an MP and dog handler during Operation Desert Storm. My father served in the Navy during World War II in the Pacific. My father in law and brother in law are both former Marines. My nephew and my uncles both served in the Army. I currently have close friends serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. I have two sons approaching enlistment age one is 16 and one is 17 years old. They have both indicated a strong desire to serve in the military. I would support them if they decided to enlist. So, as you can see I have close personal ties to the military. Yes, I believe in the missions in the Iraq and Afghanistan. I do believe that America should lead the way to spread freedom, equality and democracy throughout the world. I do believe that a proactive approach to the war on terror is the best overall strategy. I do find the fact that most liberals and many of our past allies continue to bury their heads in the sand ignoring the obvious threat that Muslim extremism poses to the world. I find it laughable and quite disturbing that liberals like you find America and President Bush to be a greater threat to the world than Muslim extremism. What’s it going to take to wake you up to the reality that the Jihadists and states like Iran want to bring about the ultimate downfall of America? Their openly stated goal is to subjugate the world to Islamic rule. I am afraid that folks like you won’t recognize the threat until your loved ones are killed at the office or on an airplane somewhere here in the U.S. The brave men and women of our armed forces fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan are not fighting for our President.  They are fighting to protect all Americans including you Jack. These men and women were not drafted to serve. They enlisted of their own free will. They are truly patriots who deserve our utmost respect and appreciation! I have spoken to several active duty personnel and several veterans about our current missions. The overwhelming consensus is that they strongly believe in the mission and fully support the commander in chief. I believe that President Bush is truly concerned about the American people and our military personnel. He has shown time and again that he deeply, truly cares about our troops and their many sacrifices. President Bush has shown devotion and bravery unlike any other President since Abraham Lincoln. What other President besides Abraham Lincoln has actually traveled to the war zone to show his support and admiration for his troops? President Bush has flown into to Baghdad twice to visit our troops. President Bush has shown that he is not concerned about his poll numbers. He has courageously stayed the course and defended his beliefs and policy while under constant attack by the liberal press. Selflessness and dedication is the mark of a truly great leader. It’s time for everyone in America today to recognize the dire situation that exists, put aside their differences on policy and stand together and support our commander and chief. Ultimately we will have no choice but to support this ongoing effort to insure our survival. Thanks for your letter. Sincerely, John Motsch john@wyolife.com 8/23/2006

His Reply: I too support the troops that's why I want to see them back alive. And please do not call this president brave, I don't call somebody brave when he had the chance to fight he hid behind his father and got put into the National Guard, and remember the Guard back then is not like the Guard now, rich kids got into the Guard to get out of going to Nam. I don't call a president brave when he misdirected everybody into thinking that Sadam had something to do with 9/11. I don't call a president brave when he is saying that he supporting the troops and has a no bid firm Halliburton giving the troops contaminated water and not suppling them with enough armor. I don't call a president brave when he agrees that there should be torture and when they convict they are just the non enlistment soldiers. And when an administration puts out terror warnings to scare people into voting for them, is that brave. Remember "The only thing to fear is fear itself." And if you are really worried about the Islamic terror we should be protecting our own boarders, terror can not be fought in one country. Logically does this sound right? You can not fight terror like we fought Germany. Liberals don't want the terrorists to win, but we see the coruption and lies that this admin. is doing to the American people. And one last thing, and please answer this truthfully, if Bill Clinton got a federal judge to say he broke the law and the constitution would you be calling for his impeachment. Now are you loyal to the man, or to the principle?   Jack Bellomo jbellomo3@gmail.com  

My Response: Hi Jack, Once again thanks for writing. How can you support the troops without supporting the mission or the Commander and Chief? The troops overwhelmingly support both. So again, how can you support the troops when you don’t support their mission? You can always look at the past to judge the character and the bravery of a man.   At least President Bush served his country as a fighter pilot in the National Guard during the Vietnam War. That’s hazardous duty. It’s not like he was stuck in the motor pool or peeling potatoes in the kitchen. The point is, George W. Bush did serve his country then which is more than I can say for many others of his generation. In which branch of the service did Bill Clinton serve? Others like John Kerry served in Vietnam only to return and debase and dishonor fellow veterans. There are many ways to serve your country. Some serve on the front lines. Some serve here at home. Our troops serve all around the world. Some of our troops are serving in Germany, Okinawa, and elsewhere right now. Does that make them cowards? I don’t think so. The difference today is that we have an all volunteer service. I don’t know if Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11. But I know that he did support terrorists and terrorism in general. He ran terror training camps at Salman Pak and gave aid and money to terrorists and terror groups. It is really immaterial whether he had anything to do with 9/11. Saddam defied multiple U.N. mandates and refused to allow meaningful weapons inspections. Saddam brought the war on by disregarding the authority of the United Nations. In regard to your assertion that the U.S. has an unprepared and poorly supplied (not enough armor) military. It's simply not true. The U.S. has the best equipped military of any nation in the world. America has the most highly trained military and our troops have largest arsenal of state of the art logistic technologies, weapons and defensive technologies at their disposal. In every conflict, warriors throughout history have had to adapt their equipment and strategies to gain victory.  We're continually adapting to reduce the risk to our military.  In World War II the Normandy Invasion was planned months in advance with several allied nations assessing every foreseeable contingency. Even though every detail had been gone over with exhausting detail and even though preparation and training had begun far in advance, enormous American casualties occurred. On Omaha beach alone over 4000 Americans lost their lives in the first ten minutes. Ultimately we were victorious but no one could have foreseen the cost. Overall, history paints the Normandy invasion as a great success even though 37,000 troops died, and 154,000 were wounded. America has been Iraq for over five years now and the American casualties have just reached  just over 2500. I see that as a testament to the excellent planning and execution of a well thought out battle plan executed by the best equipped best trained military in the world. But, liberals see it as another Bush failure. It's totally unrealistic. I really don’t know how to reply to accusations of corruption in regard to the Halliburton deal. I really don’t think that it would be feasible for any President to start a war with the intention of enriching himself and his cronies through a single corporation like Halliburton. I don’t believe that Halliburton would knowingly supply our troops with contaminated water. What would they gain from that? I am from a state where major energy related service companies provide benefit to the local economy. Halliburton employs hundreds of people in my town and thousands of folks across the country. In fact, Halliburton purchases computers, peripherals and services from my small business which helps my little computer shop which employs 20 people, keep their jobs.  For some reason liberals hate corporations. Personally I think corporations are great. I also feel that no politician or government ever created a single job. The private Sector, whether a corporation or an individual is the only entity that has ever created jobs or revenue. Corporations create jobs, train and pay employees so they can live, succeed and of course, pay taxes. I do not personally find any evil in the creation of wealth by corporations because corporations pay their employees. Corporations carry the largest tax burden.  So it’s in all of our best interest to see that corporations do well. Here in Wyoming, we have no state income tax and a low sales tax of 4%. Why do we have such low tax rates? It is because energy producing corporations that produce oil, gas, coal and uranium pay our state government mineral severance taxes. Our state has something like a billion dollar budget surplus to work with all because of taxes paid by major corporations. Also, have you checked the recent economic conditions of the USA? Productivity is up, unemployment is down to about 4.6% (statistically full employment), real disposable personal income has increased, per capita income has been rising steadily since January 2003, interest rates are low, home ownership is up, inflation is low. It's obvious to me that the USA has the strongest, most resilient economy in the world today and despite the fact that we took a huge hit to the economy as a result of 9-11 we're bouncing back quite nicely. If you don't believe me, just look at the statistics. Investment dollars have to come from somewhere and I'll bet that it's individuals and corporations footing the bill. Why do people invest? It's because they're optimistic about the future.  There’s a huge difference between coerced interrogation and torture. The U.S. military does not engage in torture. There’s no proof to contrary. When the regulations are broken by military personnel they are prosecuted and punished.  No, we can’t fight the war like we did in Germany. We can’t carpet bomb the civilians until all the bad guys die or commit suicide. If we could it would be a hell of a lot easier. Nowadays we have to spare the innocents to keep everybody happy. It’s nice that we have the technology that spares as many civilians as possible but it tends to drag things out a little. And let’s face it, the American people want an instant victory. Actually, I was against the impeachment of President Clinton. In my opinion it was a waste of time and money. I wish that President Clinton would have been less interested in fooling around and more interested in National Security. If Clinton had decided to attack Iraq based on the same intelligence and circumstances, I would have supported his decision as well. Please try to think about the future of America. Drop the policy gripes and support the American team. Eventually we’ll all be forced to work together if we are to survive as a country. Thanks again for your letter. John Motsch john@wyolife.com P.S. Dick Cheney is from my home town. I have met him and spoken with him. In person, he is a very warm, funny, congenial and articulate man. If you were to meet him in person, shake his hand and talk to him you would agree.

Letter:    You're one sick son-of-a-bitch.  Why don't you fill your pathetic website full of photos of US atrocities in Vietnam, Cambodia, El Salvador,  Guantanamo, Iraq, Afghanistan and about 25 other countries?  sinolig@gmx.ch My

 My Response: Dear Happy Person, I am in no way condoning atrocities committed by any country. I am using the photos to illustrate how absurd Senator Dick Durbin's comments regarding Guantanamo are. My website is obviously pro-American in perspective. If you want to illustrate your view point about atrocities that were allegedly committed by America, I would urge you to create your own website.    Good Luck,    John Motsch john@wyolife.com

His Response: you're only happy because you don't spend time in Iraqi hospitals looking at what US military hardware does to Iraqi women & children. Natinalism is always ugly. It was ugly in Germany in the 1930s & 1940s and it's ugly in the US today. The supreme and criminal arrogance of your president is breathtaking. And as long the US continues to show such gung-ho, bloodthirsty disregard for people with different beliefs, different culture, different skin color, then those people with continue to knock down your fancy architecture and blow limbs off the soldiers occupying their countries. You have a lot to learn. Good luck.   Sinolig. sinolig@gmx.ch

My Response: Apparently you did not see what Saddam's military hardware did to the Iraqi people.